Emeralds and Ivy Ball 2015

Emeralds and Ivy Ball 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged! Since then I’ve been engaged to the love of my life and being swamped in work (that’s not new, haha).

This work/life balance thing isn’t easy either.  Safe bet to say in the past couple months my clients and assistant have spent more time with me than anyone else I know.


On 9 October 2015, I had the pleasure of attending Cancer Council’s Emeralds and Ivy Ball at Sydney Town Hall.

Ronan Keating, whom I have to say is more charismatic irl was joined by his beautiful wife Storm Keating in hosting this beautiful event.

mandy Heng - Ronan

Image courtesy of Cancer Council Australia.

Those who know my work via Instagram will be familiar that I am obsessed with anything custom made.

Since being engaged I have been looking at various things to get custom made for our wedding, and the Emeralds and Ivy Ball was a good opportunity to try out Ensign Ties, a company that specializes in customized neckwear.  Prior to dealing with Ensign Ties, I had a bit of struggle working with some companies not understanding what I want.  And you would think I am good at describing given the nature of my job!

That’s probably my biggest worry.  Investing your money in a product but the design team just doesn’t get what you want.

And taking your money anyway.

Ensign was a total breeze to work with.  I don’t recommend often, so you know I am in love!

Voight-7702 (1)

Simon’s bow tie uses was custom made by Ensign International using velvet and silk taffeta.  My dress was made using silk, microfibre, leather and velvet.  It’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Haha.

Photo courtesy of Voight Photos.

It was a beautiful night to get together and raised funds for Cancer Council’s Forgotten Cancers Project.  We were also treated to Ronan Keating singing some of his classics and James Blunt crowd surfing.  Don’t forget to visit http://www.emeraldsandivy.com.au/ if you are interested in contributing to Cancer Council’s Forgotten Cancers Project!


Image courtesy of Julia Pavel

Hopefully I will see you at next year’s ball!

Ensign Ties http://www.ensign.com.au/

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