Of Greek Gods and Goddesses

Mandy Heng Ventura Gown websize

I do think my childhood experiences serve as a heavy influence for my current creative direction.  A major part of that childhood was watching Superman: The Animated Series, alongside the Batman version and the Justice League.  Watching Justice League and being introduced to Wonder Woman’s character led to my interest in Greek mythology.  My fascination with Greek mythology stayed long after Justice League ended in 2004, and in 2012 had the chance to work with a talented group of creatives who helped bring my ideas to life.


Above: Using the colour palette of gold with red hues for Aphroditē, Olympian goddess of love, beauty and desire.  Vee is wearing an ombre gown I ruched using silk organza.  I asked hairstylist AhKim Anthony and makeup artist Marley Ly to create a romantic and glamorous look on model Vee Troyak.

Poseidon Mandy Heng

Above: Tom as Olympian deity Poseidon.  I wanted to keep with the character’s masculinity without going over the top in styling.  For this particular look makeup artist Cherry Chong used gold leaf to create Poseidon’s underwater look.  Tom has a silk chiffon veil draped across his shoulder.


Above: Model Alana as Athena, goddess of intelligence, peace, skill, warfare, battle strategy and wisdom.  Alana is wearing a ruched and draped gown I made using silk crepe de chine.

Above: Model Alex Wallace as Queen of the gods and goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires.  Alex is wearing my hand ruched silk satin peacock gown.  I asked hairstylist Ahkim Tan to create a ‘crown’ with her hair, and makeup artist Marley Ly kept her makeup demure with just a hint of smokey eye.

Leesa Ajaka Mandy Heng

Above: Model Leesa as Hades, the god of the underworld.  Makeup artist Burton Yuen has created beautiful sculpted cheeks and black lips for my rendition of Hades.  Leesa is wearing a black silk evening gown with a beaded lace slip from my 2012 collection.

I hope you have enjoyed my version of Greek mythology from 2012.  I would actually love to create another photo series based on Greek mythology….as usual it is all about budget (insert sighing emoticon here haha).

Major thanks to whole team who helped bring this photo series to life!

Photographer: John Fick

Hairstylist: Ahkim Anthony Tan

Makeup artists: Burton Yuen, Cherry Chong, Marley Ly

Models: Vee Troyak, Alana Wilmot, Leesa Ajaka, Thomas Wawrzyniak, Alex Wallace

Venue: The Langham Hotel (known as the Observatory Hotel at time of shooting)

Wardrobe + Styling: Me!