Oh hello, it has been a while.

Mandy Heng peacock skirt Spring Summer 2015

Hi, hello, hi! It’s been a while since I visited this page. There has been a lot of content I have been thinking of sharing with you girls.

Below are some examples:

1. Fabric lessons 101: What is the difference between silk satin and poly satin?
2. The breakdown of cost in making a wedding dress, or any nice gown.
3. Dealing with haughty and condescending clients. I have only encountered about 3, so not pissed off enough to write about them… yet.
4. How to pick your gown based on style and personality.

If you have a topic you would like for me to discuss, please send me an email about the topic at mail@mandyheng.com, I am always up for a good topic dissdiscussion.

I got some DMs asking if I am ok and why I have been offline. I guess planning the wedding and being a bit hyped making my new wardrobe has put social media on the back burner for a bit. I only have a little bit more of my wardrobe to finish off and am quite excited to share it this Easter weekend!

See you on Instagram!

I am, yours most sincerely,
Mandy Heng

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