Vivid Sydney 2015 – Lights, Camera, Fashion!


Vivid Sydney is an annual outdoor lights festival held in Sydney, Australia. The event has been held annually every winter since 2009, and has enjoyed increasing popularity with each year. The event is held during winter in central Sydney, and for 2015 ran its course over 22 May to 8 June (traffic during this period was crazy!)

This year I was lucky enough to stay in the country and not miss the much talked about Vivid. While the team and I enjoyed Vivid, I do not recommend booking a Vivid Cruise for the following reasons:

1. Being a night winter festival, it gets pretty pretty cold

2. Sydney is pretty rainy this time of the year

3. You don’t actually see all that Vivid Sydney has to offer

Vivid Sydney is much better on foot.

Due to the cold and rain, my team and I took part in making ourselves Vivid for the 2.5 hr cruise trip.

Here are the results:


Post cruise was much more fun.  Here are some photos of Vivid Sydney on foot

20150524_0308 20150524_0314 20150524_0332 20150524_0355

The team and I (sans Sebastian) bathing in the glow that is Vivid Sydney.


I also promised Chris that I’d let him paint me fluoro to test his fluoro lighting equipment.

It was so cold..


The things we do for art!


Outfit details: My assistant Sebastian and I have started a little collaboration and this is our lovechild! The top uses leather, lace and metal.  All my favourite components.  Skirt and top are both available by custom order.  You know my details!

For more details on Vivid Sydney, please check out

All images by Chris David Photography.

2 thoughts on “Vivid Sydney 2015 – Lights, Camera, Fashion!”

  1. As you already know and have told you numerous times, I love how you use Lace and Leather in the same outfit concept. I always check you out on Insta to see what quirky ensemble you’ve come up with for your next event/s! Love love your top on the last pic.. oh and you!! :)

  2. Highly recommended designer, who is dedicated to achieving the best and satisfying the needs of her clients, even saving me last minute with touch ups and creating beautiful pieces for all my special occasions. x

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